Penetration Testing as Part of the Company’s Regular Routine

A penetration test, or pentest, is an authorized assessment of an application or network in order to evaluate the overall security of the system. The goal of a pentest is to find out the weaknesses of the system, define risks they bring, and advice on how to fix them.

At AI Web Security, we perform penetration testing of websites, web applications, and external infrastructure. An authorized pentest means that, unlike hackers, we agree with you on the dates and period of time to perform a series of tests and check if there are any vulnerabilities on your website applications or infrastructure that can be maliciously exploited. Because every pentest provides an extra load to your servers, sometimes it is advisable to perform such tests during the night or make them less intensive during the daytime.

Pentesting presents an integral part of a company’s cybersecurity strategy. Every day new exploits and attacks are discovered. You may ask if it is possible to be secured from all of them being at the same time exposed to the world web. Unfortunately, there is no 100% guarantee from malicious code being executed inside your web application. However, penetration testing, when duly done, can considerably reduce the risk of it. The idea of pentesting is to discover the threats before they compromise your system. Regular pentests help close your system and avoid harmful and costly attacks.

For more information about penetration tests that may fit your needs please ask for a quote.

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