Make your business  safer

Our mission is to help businesses provide a safe environment in the area of IT security and digital infrastructure.

AI Web Security is an EU-based team of international IT specialists who are devoted to Information Security.

Each member of the team has 7+ years of experience in IT security.

The background includes security risk assessment, applied cryptography, network protocols (TCP/UDP, SSH, TLS, DNS, DHCP, etc.), coding skills (Python, C+, etc.), telemetry analyzing, web applications security concepts, and cloud security to name a few.

The solid technical experience of the staff is backed up by decades of successful business development on the executive level of the company.

Today the team members invest all their knowledge and experience to help our customers protect their systems and infrastructure from malicious attacks.

After having tested the resilience of your system to external attacks, we provide reports with critical information so that your technical specialists will be able to make decisions to improve the overall cybersecurity of your company.

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