External network penetration testing is a process of testing the security of an organization’s external infrastructure by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in the systems and applications that make up the company’s network. External network penetration testing is typically performed by a third-party security consultant and can include testing of systems such as the organization’s servers and remote access systems.

AI Web Security helps you detect possible vulnerabilities in your company’s external network and prevent unauthorized access to your business’s sensitive data.

What is External Network Penetration Testing?

The external network pentesting yields several vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain access to the internal network. The most serious of these vulnerabilities is a flaw in the firewall that could be exploited to allow access to the internal network from the Internet. Other vulnerabilities may include flaws in the web server and in the routers that could be exploited to gain access to sensitive data or to take control of the network.

The process of vulnerability scanning begins with the identification of systems that are connected to the network. Once the systems are identified, the scanning process begins by attempting to identify any known vulnerabilities in the systems. The scanning process will also attempt to identify any services that are running on the systems and the versions of those services. Once the scanning process is complete, the results will be analyzed to determine the priority of the vulnerabilities. Random mistakes in coding or lack of knowledge of cyber attack vectors are two examples out of many of why a web app may be exposed to malicious attacks. The vulnerabilities that are considered to be the most serious will be given a higher priority and will need to be addressed first.

Benefits of External Network Pentesting

The main benefit of network penetration testing is that it can help organizations find and fix vulnerabilities before an attacker does. By finding and fixing vulnerabilities, organizations can improve the security of their networks and systems and reduce the risk of an attacker exploiting these vulnerabilities. External network penetration testing can help organizations identify the extent of an attack and respond more effectively thus saving both time and money. Additionally, pentesting can help organizations improve their security posture by identifying areas where they may be weak and need improvement.

There are the following types of management testing that are used to check the company’s external network:
– Authentication
– Authorization
– Business Logic
– Client-Side
– Cryptography
– Error Handling
– Open Ports and Services

Checking password strength, IDS/IPS tests and footprinting form an integral part of external network penetration testing.

Why AI Web Security?

At AI Web Security, we use a variety of professional scanners while keeping constantly learning and practicing new manual techniques to deliver exceptional services to our clients. Our team is devoted to cybersecurity, and we strongly believe that every business should have an opportunity to check its network and infrastructure at an affordable price. We work to develop a risk management plan that fits the company’s specific needs and helps protect your organization from potential threats.

What are the results of External Network Pentesting?

The following are some of the key findings that you can expect in the penetration testing report:
– general vulnerability level of the company’s infrastructure to a variety of malicious attacks;
– breaches in the firewall system(s) allowing unauthorized access to the network;
– specific vulnerabilities in the web server(s) allowing unauthorized access to sensitive data;
– unauthorized access to the network due to vulnerabilities in the authentication system.

Reports usually include the following information vital for the company’s future security:
1. Detailed descriptions of the finding with risk gradation;
2. Evidence detailing the location and parameters being affected;
3. Remedial action and recommendations.

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